8 Reasons to get a Spray Tan

Been wondering about spray tanning?

If you’ve been thinking about a spray tan but have been unsure if its for you then this post will help! At Brenda’s Beauty Bar we source the best products in the market and have years of industry experience so we know pretty much everything there is to know about the benefits of spray tanning.

#1 Fast & Efficient

The first reason is that getting a spray tan is incredibly fast and efficient. You can schedule your time, walk in, and walk out with a tan in less than 30 minutes. Spray tans are great if you have a wedding, want to go on holiday or have some other special event in your life. 

#2 You’ll Feel Good

 Once your tan is set you’ll feel amazing about your skin and your body confidence will skyrocket. The moisturising ingredients in our special spray tan formula will feed your dry skin and replenish it with a hydrating blend of natural substances – they smell amazing and they’ve been created to allow colour development to occur quickly. As simple as it sounds, you will feel great when you look great, so seize the moment and book today.

#3 You’ll look slimmer

Ever wonder why bodybuilders (both women and men) always get spray tans before competitions? It's because it highlights lean muscle, tends to hide fat tissue and actually makes you look slimmer! 

The colour of the spray tan can work like contouring. That means your arms look leaner and your stomach appears toned. The parts of your body that you like can be enhanced by layering up applications and the areas that you don’t like can be disguised.

#4 Rapid results

A spray tan can give you a near instant result in a short period of time. Compare the time it takes to get a tan with various different options: 

A spray tan = perfect tan in 30 minutes
A tanning bed = a good/perfect tan in 4-8 weeks
Natural light = a good/perfect tan in 8-12 weeks

Imagine leaving on a holiday in 2 weeks, there's just no way that you can get a tan in that amount of time with a tanning bed or with natural sunlight. 

#5 All year round colour

 You can achieve a streak-free tan at any time of the year if you opt for a sunless tanning session! No matter whether it’s cloudy, raining or hailing outside you can look like you’ve just returned from a holiday in a sunny setting.

#6 Its safe

The ingredients in our spray tanning formulas are non-toxic, which means you can apply them to the skin without worrying about the after effects. You will never have to be concerned about skin cancer or other illnesses that are related to overexposure to the sun

#7 All skin types can tan

You can also get a spray tan regardless of the type of your skin. 

The way you want to think about your skin type is through the lens of the Fitzpatrick skin scale which is what dermatologists use when considering skin. 

The Fitzpatrick skin scale is a way to determine how your body will respond to sunlight, how effectively you will tan and your risk of developing skin cancer later in life. 

The Fitzpatrick Skin Scale

The Fitzpatrick Skin Scale

If you have the top two skin types there is VERY little chance that you will ever be able to tan with natural light or through a tanning bed. In fact, using these methods may even increase your risk of skin cancer because your body may not be able to respond and protect itself with sufficient melanin production. 

Those who have Fitzpatrick skin types I and II make great candidates for spray tanning because they really don't have any other options. Other skin types can still get tans but their tans may not be as uniform and may not get exactly to their desired shade with sunlight or tanning beds. 

Your Fitzpatrick scale is therefore very important when you consider getting a spray tan or using other tanning options. 

#8 More control over your colour

Another advantage to getting a spray tan is that you have more control over the colour and shade of your tan. Consider how you naturally get a tan using a tanning bed or natural sunlight: You don't have to worry about any of this if you are getting a spray tan because you can control the shade and coloor of the tanning solution BEFORE you even start. 

This means that you can basically "pick" your shade and you end up with the exact colour and shade that you want within 30 minutes. 

So if you live in Kerikeri, Waipapa or surrounding area’s in the Bay of Islands be beach ready year at Brenda’s Beauty Bar.